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Monday, February 17, 2014

Why I like rap music.

As an LDS member, for years now, I've had other mormons ask me how I can "stand" rap music. It's easy, really.... the same way I "stand" every other genre of music I listen to. It's called ENJOYING IT.

I've heard them say things like: "How can you listen to that crap?", "How can you not think it's horrible?", or "Ugh, I despise rap, why do you even listen to it? The lyrics are so awful!".

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but not all rap music is full of cuss words, booty, and alcohol references. I mean I still listen to some songs that do have that kind of stuff in the lyrics, but there is certainly plenty that doesn't include it whatsoever. Dismissing an entire genre of music because you think it's all "dirty" is ignorant and juvenile. Now, hang on, I'm not saying you aren't allowed to dislike it!

You are perfectly within your rights to dislike music because it's too fast, too loud, too screechy, you don't like the beat, etc. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why people are allowed to dislike one genre or another. However, lyrics should not be the main reason, because song lyrics are as diverse as the people who write them.

And I bet you're still wondering, why do I like rap so much?

Because they can talk so blastedly fast.

Seriously. That's the entire reason I started listening to anything in the genre. They talk fast, and it really impressed me.

Why? Because, despite the fact that I can silently read rather quickly, with a 90-100% comprehension rate... I actually have a really terrible stutter when I try to read aloud or speak too quickly.

I know, shocking! Some people who have known me for years still don't know this about me. You know why? Because I make a concerted effort to never have to read aloud in front of anyone. Ever. Never ever ever. It embarrasses the crap out of me and I'm ashamed of it.

School was a nightmare for me, because I never knew when I'd be called on to read out loud in front of the whole class. I sometimes spent hours alone in my room, reading my books out loud in an effort to improve my stutter. It has helped somewhat, but I still have a problem with it.

Honestly, I'm kind of horrified by the idea of having to read books to the kids I hope to have... every... single... night. :(

My children would hopefully not laugh at me, but I'm still mortified by the thought of it.

So listening to rap music, for me, is really awesome... because they do something that I could never in a million years hope to be capable of doing. I admire their talent and their effort. Some people don't see it as anything impressive, but to me it's one of the coolest talents in the world to have.

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\/!k+0r said...

You know, I agree. The rap that I can listen to is very cool and is a bit different then anything else that I listen to. I've memorized a few good rapsongs and they're very fun to spout back! Good to see that you have an open mind!