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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Being an Example of the Believers

As stated in the New Testament (1 Cor. 4) Apostles are called specifically to be examples of Christlike behavior and to teach the gospel no matter what trials they are given. But Apostles are not the only ones called to be examples.

We are told throughout the scriptures to live the words of Christ. As disciples we are supposed to live them so precisely that they seem embossed in our very being. This isn't to say that we can never make mistakes, or that we cannot be forgiven if we screw up. It also doesn't mean we are accountable if our mistakes lead someone else astray (unless we do so deliberately, and without repenting).

However, we should always try to make what we say we believe line up with how we actually live our lives. Otherwise we will fall into the trap of a hypocrite, and people will not listen to our words. In Alma, we learn that because the prophet's son is not following the gospel that the people aren't listening to him. It's hard to believe truth when those who are supposed to set the example are not living it either.

Those who truly do live what they teach will be blessed, even to become a blessing to the people around them. They will be given power to perform miracles among the people, or to help those in serious need. If we live righteously we will be blessed enough to raise up those around us who are struggling.

This is what we should strive for. Working continuously to live up to the commandments, and then to help pull up and support those who are struggling in areas where we are strong. This also means being humble enough to accept help from those who are strong where we are most weak.

Always strive to live by correct principles, and to love those within your reach.

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